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SRM Pedal PowerMeter X-Power

. Dual Version, right and left PowerMeter pedals and two USB charging adapters

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The SRM X-Power is the first pedal PowerMeter for the disciplines MTB, Cross-country and Gravel (SPD Cleat compatible). The completely new design combines accuracy and reliability (accuracy ± 2 %) with easy installation, rechargeable via magnetic charger (up to 30h runtime per charges). The SRM X-Power is available with dual or single leg power measurement.

SRM PowerMeter ROAD

SRM Origin Road
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SRM PowerMeter MTB

SRM Origin MTB

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SRM PowerMeter BMX


APP      SRM PM8DAm App

SRM PowerControl 8

. The PC8 is delivered with a handlebar clip (in sizes 31.8, 35.0 or 31.8 to 26.0 reduction and USB charging cable. Choice of color: red, black or titanium.

Additional charge for other colors

PDF      User Manual

The memory capacity is 500 MB, which can store data up to 4000 hours of training.

Since many riders have several bikes with power meters, the PC8 supports up to four different bicycle profiles. Selecting the profile for the respective bike prior to departure eliminates the previously required pairing with the power meter.

With the SRM PC 8 and a corresponding PowerMeter you get the following series for data analysis:


SRM SmartIT Trainer

. The standard version of the SRM SmartIT includes the frame (incl. handlebars and seat), Smart Brake, remote control and ORIGIN Aluminium PowerMeter.

Additional charge for PC8 EURO 500 / CHF 550

. The SRM SmartIT Science includes the frame (incl. handlebars and seat), Smart Brake, remote control and SRM Science PowerMeter with variable cranks.

The SRM SmartIT connects via Bluetooth to your Tablet, Smartphone, PC or Apple TV, par example with the SRM eIT App.

The modular design of the SRM SmartIT allows for a lot of customizations. You can make it your own, by choosing your favorite handlebar, variable length aluminum cranks , carbon cranks or electronic shifting. Adding a torque box will enable you to do an in-depth analysis of your pedal strokes and left right balance.

With a SRM SmartIT Trainer, and using just a minimum amount of time, you will train regularly and systematically despite ice, snow and darkness.

SRM Ergometer: The gold standard for performance testing in sports science

SRM Ergometer,with integrated SRM Training System Science (accuracy ± 0,5%), Eddy Current Brakes (braking power from 20 to 2500 watts, even up to 4000 watts for a short time), 2 variable flywheels, torque analysis box, 14-speed Rohloff hub gear, Syntace handlebar and SQlab saddle.

Optional: Including a personal computer incl. dual network Card, 2x monitors, mouse and keyboard and pre-installed SRM Ergometer and torgue analysis software.

The SRM Ergometer is fully adjustable and can be fine-tuned to fit any user. By adjusting the saddle and handlebar vertically and/or horizontally and using the ruler which is attached to the seat post you can reproduce your perfect positioning. In addition the crank length is adjustable from 150 mm to 190 mm in increments of 2.5 mm.

Application programs:
Isokenetischer (konstant CAD) und Hyperbolischer (konstant POW) Modus

SRM Torque Analysis System:
With the SRM Torque Analysis System you can record and analyze the force distribution over a crank rotation of 360°.

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SRM PowerMeter Rechargeable Upgrade

Many SRM PowerMeters can be upgraded to rechargeable batteries. For example, the models SRM Origin, Campagnolo, Rotor und FSA.

Delivery time: 4 weeks

The SRM Rechargeable PowerMeter battery has 100 hours of ride time per full charge and a lifetime of 500 charges.

If you want to change another SRM PowerMeter, please write an email to check if this is possible.

request quote or call.