Tech Tips

  20080922  Installing QuickTime
  20071018  How to use URIs within texts?
  20070430  Learn to use the multipliers!


  PCO Library
  PDF Library

Getting started

  First steps to get started with PowerCoach
  PowerCoach Objects files and .pco file format
  -  Downloading and importing objects from PCO Library
  -  PCO import rules
  Downloading recorded data via LINK
  Importing files created by software of recorder devices
  -  Downloading and importing data series
  -  Creating and importing SRM Training .txt files
  -  Creating and importing PowerTap .csv files
  Updating PowerCoach
  -  Updating PowerCoach 1 for Mac OS X
  -  Updating PowerCoach 1 for Windows


  Software Download
  Developer Infos (2001)
  Screenshots (2001)