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2012-09-13    .    SRM Training System Software Version 6.42.08

This is an important upgrade of SRM software for Windows: it will update SRM PowerControl VI and 7 recorders to the latest firmware version (2012-06-25).

Make sure to install release 2012-09-13 or later (earlier releases cannot import SRM .txt files).

Software Download...

2011-11-11    .    PowerCoach_1_20111111 for Mac and Windows

This release is a service update of PowerCoach 1. It maintains compatibility with latest firmwares of the recorder devices.


2011-08-08    .    PowerCoach_1_20110808 for Mac and Windows

The final release of PowerCoach 1 is available for download...

This release version supports the latest models and firmwares of the major recorders such as SRM PC5/PC6/PC7, CycleOps Cervo/Joule or Garmin 310XT/500/705/800. It implements the full range of new data series becoming available via pedal based powermeters from Polar/Look.

PowerCoach 1 for Mac is universal binary and runs natively on all PPC and INTEL based Macs with Mac OS X 10.4.11 Tiger or later (including OS X 10.7 Lion).

PowerCoach 1 for Windows runs on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 (32 and 64 bit).


2010-08-24    .    PowerCoach_1 20100824 for Mac and Windows

SRM and CycleOps have published new firmwares:
 .  Release 20100621 for SRM PowerControl VI and SRM PowerControl 7
 .  Release 14.063 for CycleOps Joule™ computers
You must upgrade to PowerCoach_1 20100824 or newer to use the new features.

SRM und CycleOps haben neue Firmware publiziert:
 .  Release 20100621 für SRM PowerControl VI und SRM PowerControl 7
 .  Release 14.063 für CycleOps Joule™ Computer
Sie müssen PowerCoach_1 20100824 oder neuer verwenden um die neuen Funktionen zu nutzen.

SRM et CycleOps ont publié des nouveaux firmwares:
 .  Release 20100621 pour SRM PowerControl VI et SRM PowerControl 7
 .  Release 14.063 pour CycleOps Joule™ computers
Vous devez utiliser PowerCoach_1 20100824 ou plus récente pour profiter des nouvelles fonctions.

Software Download...

2010-04-22    .    The new CycleOps Joule™ Computer

CycleOps Joule™ 2.0 and Joule™ 3.0...

CycleOps Joule™ 2.0 und Joule™ 3.0...

CycleOps Joule™ 2.0 et Joule™ 3.0...

2010-03-22    .    New SRM PowerControl 7

A PowerControl which fits also perfectly on TT handlebars...

Ein PowerControl das sich auch perfekt für TT Lenker eignet...

Un PowerControl qui est parfait même avec les guidons CLM...

2010-01-05    .    PowerCoach_1 20100105 for Mac and Windows

SRM has released new firmware 20091204 for PowerControl VI and PowerControl 7. You must upgrade to PowerCoach_1 20100105 or newer to use the new features of this firmware.

SRM hat die neue Firmware 20091204 für PowerControl VI und PowerControl 7 zur Verfügung gestellt. Sie müssen PowerCoach_1 20100105 oder neuer verwenden um die neuen Funktionen dieser Firmware zu nutzen.

SRM a publié le nouveau firmware 20091204 pour PowerControl VI et PowerControl 7. Vous devez utiliser PowerCoach_1 20100105 ou plus récente pour profiter des nouvelles fonctions de ce firmware.

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