Downloading and importing objects from PCO Library

•  PCO Library offers PowerCoach Object (.pco) files you may download and import into your database. Objects marked with () may be imported by DEMO applications.

• If you are not yet familiar with PowerCoach, we suggest to start with following objects:

Settings 1 to start with (SETS_000001_PCO_01.pco)

NOTE: choose "Imported objects have priority" as import rule when importing this collection of default settings.

Examples: trainings and races (DATA_000001_PCO_01.pco)

Getting started with PowerCoach (NOTE_000000_PCO_01.pco)

If you are using SRM products:

LINK and SRM Powercontrol V (DOCS_000001_PCO_01.pco)

If you are using PowerTap products:

Getting started with PowerTap (PROD_000104_PCO_01.pco)

• To import a PCO file, pull down the "PowerCoach" main menu and choose "Import..." or type [CTR]+[I] to select and open the file.

• Before importing the contents of the opened file, PowerCoach prompts you for the import rule.

NOTE: On Windows, if you have problems to import from desktop, save files to other locations (for example to "My Documents" folder).

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