PCO import rules

• While importing PCO files, you might receive duplicates of objects already contained in your database.

For example: a coach might add comments to the annotation of a recording (received from an athlete). Or he might add more figures to illustrate a project or update an existing figure with a new version of the picture and return such modified objects as a response.

Therefore, the importing PowerCoach application must know the intention of the user and prompts for the import rule. You must choose one of the following options:

• Existing objects have priority

This option makes sure that your existing objects in the database will not get replaced by received duplicates.

• Imported objects have priority

This option makes sure that received duplicates will replace your existing objects in the database.

• Last modified objects have priority

This option makes sure that actually last modified (existing or duplicate) objects remain or get received and saved in your database.

PCO Library offers examples of various PowerCoach Objects for download. Import these .pco files to create or update the corresponding objects in your database.

NOTE: Marked objects () may be imported by DEMO applications.

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